Monday, 7 March 2011

On your recommendation

In December I signed up to take part in Beau Beausoleil's call to book artists for an inventory of Al-Mutanabbi Street.  Here are the full details of the project.

I am hoping that the idea I am working on will capture that spirit of the book that he describes, and  demonstrate the value of the bookseller by pitching us all as 'sellers' in our recommendations to others.

I have begun to collect book reviews along with a bit of data from a range of friendly contributors.  I am intending to print these on A6 index style cards, kept as looseleaf within a custom made folder.  The idea being that the reader could browse for a review but the book title and author would not be displayed, only the ISBN, and they would get a brief idea of who was recommending it in order to help them decide whether to follow it up.

More on the printing process later.  If you would like to contribute a review please get in touch!

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