Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Revisits exhibited

The summer has felt like a bit of a catch up, getting some books prepared for exhibitions that I committed to some time ago.  This has included making some more copies in the editions of the Ghost Train and Ticket books, and revisiting and reconsidering some older works.

For a joint exhibition between Universities in the UK and US I have chosen to display Journey, 2006 - the result of a mail art project asking people in global locations to write a postcard describing their favourite journey.  The images on the cards are identical and are displayed together make up one large repeated image or card, as shown in these very dingy photos (note to self to take some new ones when the work is returned).

Journey, 2006

For the  exhibition Correspondence, which will be travelling around Poland in 2012-13 I chose to re-examine the book project Returned, 2006.  This consists again of postcards, sent between the UK and US and I decided to present it in a new format for this exhibition.  

I wanted to use thin light paper reminiscent of airmail letters and settled on layout paper.  My intention was to photocopy the cards, to create a quick rough reproduction, using double-sided printing to create a true copy of each card.  Tests showed that a black and white copy did not show all of the markings on the cards so I used colour copying.  The book is compiled from single sheets, rolled over and stapled on one edge.  The end result is a light, flimsy, temporary feeling book.

Returned, 2006.  Re-delivered, 2011

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