Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Pop up HK

This week I received this brilliant pop-up card from Hong Kong.  The 3-dimensionality of the pop up combined with the paper cutting made it instantly recognisable as depicting Tai O, a fishing village on Lantau Island known for its stilt houses.  The imperfections of the subject matter have been expressed in the representation, so the horizontal and vertical lines are not always true, and thicknesses vary, this really appeals to me and gives a warm familiar feel to the piece.

It is made by Hong Kong based Porigami and is one of a set of paper cut designs incorporating single colour printing.

The pop up structure supports itself so it sits open at 90 degrees.

Closer inspection shows it has been laser cut and perforated to produce the folds, but still painstaking work.  I am really impressed by this use of laser cutting to create form from 2D materials, something to think about in my own projects.

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  1. before i read the whole post, i was thinking that how is this project carried out, then i realized, it through Laser cutting. your blog is simply awesome. :)