Friday, 28 January 2011

Chinese New Year Prints

I attended a workshop today about traditional Chinese New Year woodblock prints, led by visiting printmakers from Hong Kong.  The talk was fascinating as it explained how these cheap, often locally made prints are regarded as a craft or folk product, as opposed to the high-end woodblock printing that is considered art.  The explanation of the materials and process used also helped to put the prints into context.  I really liked the idea that the prints for this particular celebration are so specific, and though beautiful are seen as being disposable.  I'd like to play on that idea in something I do, it seems counter-intuitive to make something that you attach little value to, but liberating at the same time.

Fortune god.

We were able to print our own copies of two blocks, and although the process was different to that used traditionally it did give the idea of how the prints are produced, and the imagery and qualities that are representative of the style.  I also liked the idea of the use of the prints, that they are put up in particular places for different reasons.  I'll be putting fortune on my door!

A good face, no?

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