Sunday, 23 January 2011

Ticket books

For the first abc (artists' book club) meeting of the year I put together some book prototypes on my ticket theme so that I could get some feedback before launching into production mode.

The first is a folded structure, from pieces of train timetables, with a rubber stamp railway symbol tracking a journey through.  It aims to keep the integrity and aesthetics of the original ticket and folds up to the same size with a greyboard back.  The ticket destinations are not specific to me so the idea is to evoke the experience of a journey, as well as creating a tactile object.

The second book was a play on the VOID tickets that I collected from my weekly commute last semester.  The concept was to make a cut out train silhouette, and I wanted to enhance this by making each carriage line up so that opened at any point you would get the clear cut shapes of the train.  The prototype was hand cut and made from sheets of joined paper to get the required length.  After completion I added black card to the inside end pages to give a more defined outline to the engine cars.  I intend to experiment with laser cutting this design from a single sheet of paper, and compare it to the hand cut version before deciding which to use.  I envisage this will be an open edition of books that I will add to as I acquire more tickets.

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