Saturday, 26 February 2011

On show

This week I completed and sent off a few of my ticket books for the exhibition Home from Home, curated by Louise Atkinson.  Around the theme of home and featuring work from over 80 artists, the show runs alongside the 14th Leeds International Artists Book Fair and will be installed at 153 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds from 11 - 18th March 2011.

Take a look at the exhibition blog for more details.

Ticket books and 'home ephemera' in bowl

Thursday, 17 February 2011

What's your type?

Two weeks in and I'm really enjoying the letterpress evening class.  I am aiming to incorporate it into my next big collaborative project - more on that soon.  I was particularly taken with the wooden poster type that we looked at this week, so will start thinking of a way I can use this, perhaps for some nice evocative ephemera relating to my ticket projects.

February - printed


< From  this

  To    this >

Process: Laser cut card offcuts stuck onto greyboard with PVA, coated with several layers of shellac.  Printed in the relief press onto newsprint, cartridge paper and cream sugar paper.  Wiped clean with white spirit.

Today I printed what may be the finished prints for the February project, I just want to try one more thing once these are dry...

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My gothic valentine

Printed in time for Valentine's but not posted as I've been away, and they weren't dry.  These are some of the results of the first attempt at printing the card collagraphs I made from the laser cut scraps.  Not at all my usual style, but the designs were shaped by the February themed project and the shapes that I had, they remind me of bookplates or ornamental type.  These were done simply by adding ink with a roller and printing them in the relief press, tomorrow I'm going to choose some papers to try and get some finished prints for the project, and maybe try my hand at intaglio.

For those who prefer a more cheery valentine how about this card I made (and sent for a birthday) from more laser offcuts.