Sunday, 7 January 2018

No news is sometimes just no news

The last year proved to be a bit busy, but unfortunately not with energetic creative endeavours.  I did make a point of sticking to a few staples - BABE 2017 and our annual LENvention letterpress get together - to keep my hand in and maintain contact with all the good people, and submitted information to the Artists Book Yearbook.

I managed to hold to my practice of never going to a book fair without a new book, so in 2017 some new map based books were born:


To and Fro

I also finished the year off by attending the Making Books in Bristol research group's book launch by Angie Butler, and the Letterpress Collective wayzgoose, to get me all fired up for making again.

2018 then, as yet unmade, we'll see how it goes.