Sunday, 20 July 2014

Under (what?) pressure

It's been a period of reflection, and being busy, and concentrating on other things, but finally I've got the inks, quoins, quoin key, furniture, and all the rest to get my press properly up and running.

First off, a few weeks ago, I whipped up some cards, 'Hot off the press' to say thank you to a few of the folk who helped me to get the press this far.  It took a lot of tweaking to get a result but I put this down to getting to know it's quirks.

But then, more prepared this time, I started out today with the 'quick' task of a congratulatory greeting.  7 hours later and it's not done, it's bedtime, and theres so much to clear up.  Unfortunately I can't seem to get the pressure right, partly it's uneven - despite twiddling all the relevant knobs - and partly it's just not giving a dark enough print - despite way more packing than I think is advisable.   

I'm calling this one 'faint praise'

Looks like I might have to book the press back into the clinic for a check up before I can go any further.  Ah letterpress, it gives you the best of times (making!) and the worst of times (frustration!).