Sunday, 19 June 2016

And finally...

After four years, I have come to end of the roll of admissions tickets picked up in Margate.  From them I have produced four collections of my own small admissions at a rate of one volume per year.

They'll be making their debut at the inaugural Frome Small Publishers Fair on 2nd July, do pop in and say hello if you are local.  All copies of the previous editions have now sold out after some were whisked off to America - I wonder if the admissions still rang true over there?

Two slightly bigger admissions that need to be made in relation to the new book:

The chaos of moving house during the year meant a change of venue and lack of routine in making, which has meant that though the tickets are all from the last quarter of the roll I didn't follow the same numbering sequence of tickets and copies in this fourth series - oops.

As I got closer to the very centre of the roll the tickets became more tightly curled, and in the process of encouraging them to straighten out some took advantage of their perforations to detach themselves  from their friends.  Three copies therefore future a 'mend' which I decided to highlight rather than hide.

A Fourth and Final Series of Small Admissions

Rubber stamp printing onto paper tickets with card end covers 
53 x 34mm
edition of 25

Unseen footage

I've just found this post in my drafts, started, updated, but never posted.

Jan 2016:  After the move...

Unpacking not yet complete but after all the new pipework for heating installed I have now got the print room into some sort of order.

Update March 2016: 

Only been in a couple of months and already I'm on the second iteration of the print room.  Still, the press now has it's own usable location, and the first print rack is up on the wall.

Present day:  Everything inevitably much more messy in the space now (no photo, too shameful) but the intention is still there.